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What would you like to tell your teenage self, if you could? Those six years were a roller coaster and I've come a long way since then. There were more lows than there were highs, there were too many {unimportant} things to care about. Insecurities had just begun to settle in and the littlest of blows would make me question myself. If I could, I would tell my teenage self that she is beautiful. Clean and Clear is here with a campaign to let teenagers know just that.

Ready Face by Clean and Clear

Clean and Clear is here with a campaign to empower girls and help them fight the teenage skin problems with the Ready Face ritual and carry own with their daily activities with more confidence. Teenage is such a confusing time, your own emotions tend to take a toll on you. Your physical appearance suddenly takes the center stage and people around you don't seem to see beyond that- because well, they are teenagers too. What absolutely does NOT help are the uninvited pimples. In my experience, pimples appear at the most godforsaken times- first dates, family weddings, school trips, vacations and other HIGHLY important events in teenage life. I have an extremely oily skin, which was of course even worse back in my teens. The Ready Face campaign by Clean and clear aims at removing any trace of self-doubt or anxiety related to physical appearance in teenagers.

I think it's an excellent step- teenagers can use all the motivation that they can get. What the campaign is trying to do is encourage and help teenagers take better care of their skin by developing a personal regime and sticking to it. The only product you'll need for the regime is the new foaming face wash. The campaign is all about getting your face ready to face the world with more confidence, while feeling good about yourself. Since teenagers are already dealing with so much {yes, heartbreaks included}, Clean and Clear promises to take care of the pimples and the oiliness- that's one less problem to deal with! I am supporting the campaign and consider this my way of telling it to you guys. Read on as I have a few things to say about the product as well.

Product Review:

One thing I don't like about face washes is how dry they leave your face initially. That's however not the case with Clean and Clear foaming facewash! It doesn't take away the natural moisture of the skin. It actually keeps the oil away for a good 8 hours! Another great thing about the face wash is that it’s very make up –friendly- it helps retaining the make up for a longer period of time. The simple logic being- it keeps the oil away and keeps the make-up from smudging.

Two of my friends have also been using it, here's what they have to say:


"I have been using the facewash since the last 3 weeks and I am quite happy with it. My routine is super hectic and I am out and about in the pollution all day. I use it twice a day, it helps keep the oil in control and the outbreak of pimples has also reduced!"


"I have always had a very sensitive skin and have to be extremely careful about what facial products I use. Clean and Clear foaming face wash is very gentle to the skin and it reflects in the soft feel."

Price: Rs. 99 for 100ml
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