{Beauty Trials}: Organic Harvest lip balms

By 23:00 Friday 15 January 2016 ,

I'm still waiting for Delhi winters- the kind that makes it impossible to leave your beloved bed, the winters that make you fear the shower, when you thank god every time you see the sun. While they are pleasant and hold a special place in every Delhiite's heart, they are ruthless to the skin. So stock up your beauty bag with the winter essentials and prevent the damage.

After adding Organic Harvest's Moisturising Lotion to my daily routine, I've recently fallen in love with the new range of fruity lip balms. They come in four variants: Shea Butter, Green Apple, Pomegranate and Strawberry. I ordered the first three, I am not a fan of strawberry fragrances in general. After using them for two weeks, here's the low down:

The texture of the lip balms is the right amount of greasy without feeling to heavy on the lips. Each one comes with a special quality- the Shea Butter variant {with jojoba oil} that primarily focuses on moisturising, is undoubtedly my favourite one- owing to it's super mild fragrance. The Green Apple version comes with peppermint oil, vitamin E and antioxidants. Pomegranate has the sweetest fragrance of all and focuses on keeping the dead skin away. So you can choose as per your lips' needs.


No beeswax, all organic ingredients
Reasonable price
Long expiry- 2 years
Little need of re application
Convenient {and pretty} packaging


NONE! This is a great winter buy.

Price: Rs. 149   |   Buy here

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  2. Do these sell on some other site too? This link won't let me order less than 5piexes of the same lipbalm :/