{Tried And Tasted}: Tamasha, CP

By 13:36 Saturday 26 March 2016 ,

Where: 28, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, Connaught Place
Cuisine: Continental,Oriental, Fusion
Cost: 1800 for two

Tamasha has been creating buzz ever since it opened a few weeks back, and for all the good reasons. They've got a massive space that has been utilised for three different seating areas- outdoor, the bar and semi-outdoor backyard. The rustic walls that are brought to life by several mini yellow bulbs all over the ceiling and the colourful table tops together give the place a very funky, contemporary vibe. I went for a tasting session expecting a lot of drama and wasn't disappointed.

Food favourites

The Ricotta Pine nut Raisin Ravioli was a more than just a gorgeous dish- the stuffing is delightful which the delicate, thin pasta skin beautifully envelops. The essence of the dish lies in minute but essential details- the deliberate meagerness of the tomato sauce, parmesan foam finish and splattered olive oil dust- STUNNING! 

Another favourite, Tandoori Soya Chaap Souvlaki comes with succulent, generously marinated soya skewers on a spread of Tzatzaki + fresh veggies on pita bread. Roll it up and eat it like a bao- you'll find that it's surprisingly juicy.

The Jack Daniel's infused Dal Makhni with mini garlic naan was rather gimmicky. While I understand that it is naturally enticing and you wouldn't want to leave without giving it a shot, the finished dish tasted very ordinary with no impression of liquor whatsoever.

A dessert a day..

Melody Time Brownie is a chocolate lover's wet dream- there's a huge block of gooey brownie with chunks of walnuts, vanilla icecream, and hot chocolate syrup. On the side were what seemed like frozen bits of chocolate chip cake- this is a guess. All in all, it's the kind of dessert that can well turn a bad day around.

Tamasha signature tipples

Super impressive bar menu! Twisted Mirchi Martini {one of the India-inspired cocktails} and Tamasha Smash {from the molecular bar menu} caught my eye. The former will set you on a brief fire- which, rest assured, you will enjoy. Tamasha Smash with lime, mint, bitters, Ginger ale and smoked bourbon looks as fancy as it sounds- and there's apple caviar to add to the fun! 

Tamasha's food isn't JUST visually stunning but scores pretty well on the taste front as well. Most dishes are successful experiments involving novel combinations of textures and flavours. The menu offers a lot of choice and each dish seems worth trying. I am extremely quick when it comes to picking dishes to order but this one had me confused and flipping the menu for good 15 minutes- I ultimately went with the staff's recommendations. However, there's too much that's still left to try- definitely visiting again!

Tamasha Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

Note: Food pictures in the post are representative of tasting portions of the dishes.

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