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Getting there

A small, quiet and picturesque hill station in the Kullu distict of Himachal, Gushaini is around 500km away from Delhi. The best mode of transport is an overnight Volvo bus that takes 11-13 hours to reach Aut. Raju's Cottage is another 45-minute drive from Aut, you will need to book a cab or request the guest house to arrange pick up from Aut's bus stop for you. 

Alternatively, you can also travel via train till Chandigarh, and book a taxi to cover the rest 260 km {around 7 hours}. There are  few budget stay options in Gushaini, Raju's Cottage being the most popular and preferred one.

The Stay

You can either book the entire cottage or individual rooms depending on the number of people- a single room can easily accommodate 4 people- it comprises of a master bedroom, a smaller room with two single beds and a bathroom. The lobby area in each cottage comprises of a mini library with slightly old but a great selection of books and magazines. The balcony gives a gorgeous view of the Tirthan River.

Each cottage has a separate bonfire area, their enthusiastic helper knocked on our door exactly at 7PM everyday to let us know that the fire's ready. My family and I had some of the best time singing, dancing and snacking around the fire in the dead cold weather.

Raju's cottage is very animal-friendly! They've got quite a handful of dogs and kitties who you'll fall in love with- even if you're not much of an animal lover. The dogs are well-behaved, friendly, and do play a huge part in making the guests feel at home. If you plan to visit any time soon, say hi to Spikey for me? He is the most adorably notorious of the lot.

The Dining area is near the reception and was an easy 2 minute walk from our cottage. It is a cosy space with 3 dining tables and a couch and LOTS of books, handicrafts and artworks contributed by guests over time. From paintings, poems, photographs, and what not- the room is a beautiful testimonial of the good times people have had during their stay at Raju's Cottage. 

The food is prepared in-house. Their isn't a menu that you can order from- they typically serve 2-3 curries {both veg and non veg}, chapati and rice for lunch and dinner and pooris, parantha, omelette, corn flakes for breakfast. It is absolutely brilliant- the taste and the love with which they serve the food- you won't miss home, I promise. If you have something particular that you'd like them to prepare, just let the cook know a day in advance. I still think about their Daal Poori and Egg Curry sometimes. <3 

Things to do 

Gushaini is an ideal place for adventure buffs as well as those who are looking for a laid back holiday. While the latter can have a relaxing time staying in at the cottage, here's what the adventure lovers can look forward to around Gushaini:
- Trout Fishing
- White water rafting and rock climbing
- The Great Himalayan National Park {20km from Gushaini}
- Treks to the nearby villages of Chalogi and Mungla

Since Raju's cottage is run by the owners themselves, you can be rest assured that there is absolutely no compromise in service. The best time to visit is between March and August when the orchards are in full bloom. If you're visiting in winters, take adequate woolens as it gets unbearably cold at night. There is no television in the rooms and the internet is a little patchy, but you won't miss any of it- nature will be your best source of entertainment. 

My family has already made a pact of visiting Raju's atleast once every year- that's how much we loved it! The summer vacations are round the corner- book yourself a spot, thank me later.

Tariff: INR 1300-1600 per person per day, including stay and all 3 meals.
Contact: +91 8894488122 for inquires and bookings.

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