I refuse to grow up.

By 11:39 Wednesday 29 June 2016 , ,

There was a time when we couldn't wait to grow up. We thought growing up would mean having the freedom to do anything we like without needing anyone's permission. But now that we have, we wish someone else would take the right decisions for us and take the blame for the wrong ones. We'd do anything to go back to the carefree days that had no consequences. We can't turn back time but we can still relive our childhood in bits and pieces. The simplest way to do that? Make time and do what takes you back to it. 

The one thing I dearly associate with my simpler days is spending time in the park. I could go on for hours, collecting dead but beautiful leaves, running barefoot on the grass trying to catch shiny bugs, climbing trees that were hardly within my reach- bruised knees, muddy clothes, true satisfaction. There is absolutely no reason I cannot do it all again.

I chose my comfiest dress, my bravest shoes and my sturdy Lavie backpack- the one that'll carry everything that I need without coming in the way of my petty yet wonderful adventures. A backpack that'll help me find my lost childhood, handsfree. 

It doesn't take much, believe me. Doing something simply for the fun of it. It is a conscious decision, to not grow up, to be absolutely ridiculous once in a while and do something with no gratification other than simple pleasure. I am asking you to recall what is the one thing that comes to your mind when I say "childhood" and I am asking you to indulge in it. 

Until next time. xx


Photographs: Ankit Mathur
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