{Product review} Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor

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Revlon launched its Ultra HD Matte Lip Color is 8 gorgeous high definition shades a while back and since then has every cosmetic junkie's attention- mainly because of its unique velvet texture and finish. Despite being a liquid (although, it's not very runny), the lip color doesn't feel sticky or heavy on the lips. I have been wearing HD Passion to work since the last two weeks and have realised that even though, it's a bold, deep red, but it isn't loud or intimidating for daily wear. It is definitely my favourite among all the available shades.

HD Passion has a sweet candy-like scent which initially felt too strong but gradually, I got accustomed to it. The best thing about the lip colour is that it is strongly pigmented- a single swipe across your lips gives full coverage and leaves no cracks at all, which brings me to the second best thing about it- the formula is super creamy, spreads easily while moisturising your lips. It lasts up to a good 5 hours without reapplication and even as it fades, it doesn't leave those annoying patches like most matte lipsticks do- it just lightens. 

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When you apply the lip color, it appears very glossy and takes a few minutes to dry and so, you need to be careful about the smudging. However, once it's set, the finish transforms into semi-matte and doesn't smudge easily. Yes, it's semi matte and this is the only let down. Revlon Ultra HD isn't as matte as it claims to be. The finish can be best described as velvety and I personally love it but the name to me, is a little misleading. 

Coming to the packaging, the sleek transparent bottle is fun and convenient to carry around. The soft brush applicator is easy to use and the fine tip gives you good control over the colour strokes.

All in all, it's a great product and I have been using it almost everyday. I would recommend it as a hydrating, non-glossy lip colour but it definitely didn't pass off as matte for me. Have a quick look at the pros and cons to decide if it's worth your money:

- doesn't dry your lips
- stays for 4-5 hours easily
- doesn't feel heavy
- 100% wax free
- strong, vivid pigment
- convenient packing and easy to apply

- strong candy-like scent
- not a perfect matte finish
- very limited colours to choose from
- takes time to dry
- is a little expensive 

Personally, I love dark lip shades and both HD Passion and Addiction (a deep berry) are beautiful. And while I am fully aware of the non-matte finish, I am willing to spend on these two shades again simply because the lip colour looks and feels good. 

Price:  INR 1195 for 5.9 ml

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