Rawleaf introduces salad jars, burrito bowls and more...

By 12:50 Sunday 11 September 2016 ,

My initial experience with Rawleaf had been pretty good and I was super excited to try out the new additions when I saw them on their website. Apart from cold pressed juices, smoothies, salads and wraps, Rawleaf has recently added Burrito bowls, detox waters and Salad Jars to the menu.

I tried out the Refogado Tofu Burrito (one of the two available vegetarian bowls) with Tofu, lemon cilantro brown rice, kidney beans, fajita peppers, guacamole, salsa. If you love Mexican food, this is as healthy as it gets. It is a complete meal in itself with a good combination of veggies, fresh guacamole, and a bang-on seasoning. You also have an option to add on extra peppers, tofu, beans etc. Choose your bowl here.

It was a while ago that I read about the magical detox water that is everything what your body needs. It's basically water with mint, cucumber, ginger and lemon soaked overnight in it. However, as simple as it may sound, it's impossible for me to prepare this every night. Rawleaf makes it easier- delivers it to your doorstep for 85 bucks a bottle. Taste-wise, it's pretty refreshing with the zing of mint and lemon, nothing that you wouldn't like. They also have an apple-cinnamon variant of the detox water, which according to the internet, greatly aids weight-loss. Find them here.

Everything is better when served in a jar, right? Rawleaf has recently started serving Salads-in-a-jar and I don't think anybody else is doing that in the city currently. It's actually quite convenient and also fun! I tried the South-Western Quinoa Salad jar with Lemon Cilantro dressing. It had Quinoa, kidney beans, corn, bell peppers, green onion, tomato, avocado in layers and the dressing came separately. I found the jars to be a bit expensive (it'll cost you around 400 rupees) but then, the portion size is quite big. Find them here

Personally, I'd prefer one of their salad boxes over salad jars as they are slightly more economical and there are more options too choose from. This time I had the Veg Garden Pasta salad with a lovely yoghurt lemon dressing- total winner! This one's my second favourite salad on their menu after the Raw Papaya Salad. 

One of the best things about Rawleaf is their website pictures are very close to the actual products- what you see is what you get. The packaging is extremely neat. You need to place your order at least two hours in advance- they deliver all seven days of the week. Minimum order must be Rs. 200. You could check out the combo deals everyday on the website homepage or go for the Subscription plans to get more bang for your buck.

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  1. That's a fantastic idea for somebody who is on the run all the time and calorie conscious.

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