I must wear red more often! {feat. Lavie}

By 10:03 Sunday 2 October 2016 , ,

Wow, I can't believe another Sunday of my life is coming to an end. I need a little more Sunday right now given the week I have had. I am dreading tomorrow like I have never before. I don't want to deal with the maddening metro crowd or the bumpy rickshaw rides that are tear my back apart. I don't want to subject my body to all that caffeine that fuels my productivity.  I want to stay home and blog from my bed. But since we know none of that is going to happen, Imma make the most of Sunday...or whatever's left of it.

It was mostly a gloomy day where I spent time contemplating the amount of money I throw on clothes and the amount of time I waste on social media. The astounding results of my calculations further depressed me.

Overall, I have this weird, tensed-for-no-reason state of mind and I thought maybe, if I just dress up pretty, it will go away. And it kind of did. I gotta owe it to this beautiful red wrap-cum-dress. This made me realise how happy the colour red makes me and how less of it I have in my closet. Sorry to disappoint you guys, but all this blog post is about is this very realisation- that I must wear red more often. No style hacks, no fashion tricks this time. This is just me taking out time to talk to me, before the beginning of another tiresome week where I will probably have no track of time (or life, in general).

While I will continue to dread Monday, what makes it all a little better is that I will finally get to take my new office bag out for a spin. Meet the latest addition to my bag-brigade courtesy Lavie. It's the perfect size, super spacious and serves nicely as a daily office bag. The gold accents and zip details further add to the simple beauty of the bag. I love the front of the bag, which has a pretty off-white alligator skin texture finish. The partition in the middle and inner pockets help me neatly stack up my belongings (and thus, have little or no difficulty in finding them later). Like what you see? Buy it here.

I might just do four ways to style this dress because I love it too much!

Until next time xx

PS. It's my dearest blogger friend Ruchika's birthday today. Check out her kickass blog here

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