4 ways to wear a Kimono

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Hello, I am back with a 'One Garment Multiple Ways' post after ages. Hope you had a chance to check the last one where I've played around with a button-down dress. 

I was too excited to sleep last night and so, decided to indulge in some VERY unnecessary calculations to keep myself occupied. I concluded that there has been a steady growth in my monthly expenditure on Koovs.com during the last one year. Guys, this isn't even a sponsored post, I am being honest- Koovs is an addiction. But the good thing is, I have NEVER regretted buying anything from the website. So that's great.

My latest purchase is this Kimono sleeve wrap dress that I am in love with, mostly because of the colour. I didn't have to think too much to create 4 different but very simple looks with it and since the fabric is crease-resistant, I could twist and tie (and basically destroy it) as much as I wanted, in the process.

So here are four easy things that you can do with a kimono/kimono dress:

#1. Wear it like a long jacket

Throw it on like a cape over a cute dress or even over a regular jeans and top combination, to lift an otherwise ordinary outfit. 

In this outfit: Koovs Kimono Wrap dress, Forever 21 Bodycon dress, Koovs Light-up Trainers, Koovs Envelope Clutch (Buy similar here)

#2. Front is the new back

Though it depends on the pattern of your kimono and the position of the pockets (if any), it doesn't take a lot to make it seem like the dress was MEANT to be worn like this. Replace the fabric kimono belt with a leather (or metal) belt so it looks even more different than the original dress. ProTip: Accessorise with chunky necklaces if the neckline looks a bit off.

In this outfit: Koovs Kimono Wrap dress, Koovs block heel moccasins, Lavie satchel bag (Buy similar here), AQ Shop geometry necklace (Buy similar here)

#3. Wrap it like the slit-skirt of your dreams

This one has to be my favourite. I've buttoned the dress on the waist (over a bodycon dress) and tucked in the upper half of the kimono behind its belt-line. The belt plays a very important role here: it secures the dress on the waist tightly and also hides all untidy creases. I've let the fabric fall in its natural silhouette and kept the slit on the side. 

THAT'S IT. Very proud of this one.

In this outfit: Koovs Kimono wrap dress, Forever 21 black bodycon dress, Accessorize Telephone sling,  Koovs block heel moccasins

#4. Work it like a maxi-tunic over any outfit

Instead of overlapping the two panels, I've buttoned them as loose as I could and wore it over a regular tank top + culottes outfit. 

PS. While the original dress already resembles a bath-robe (LOL), it could easily pass as a loose, super glam beach-cover up when worn like this.

In this outfit: Koovs Kimono Wrap dress, H&M Tank Top, Max Fashion floral culottes, Lavie Swan Tote, Westside wedges

So that's that. It'll be absolutely awesome to hear from you, please leave your comments below.

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