Trans-seasonal adventures (feat. Pushpak Vimaan)

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While most people don't particularly enjoy the fickle trans-seasonal period between summer and winters, I have the MOST amount of fun with my clothes during the same. It's the best time to layer up your pretty summer dresses and wear them with sexy tights, or unapologetically wear your favourite hoodie with a pair of shorts-- and let's not forget the classic skirt + sweater combo. There is just so much freedom when it comes to picking fabrics, styles, and accessories, mostly because you have both your summer and winter wardrobe to choose from.

There are a few items in my closet that forever remain at the front of the game, no matter what season it is, simply because they are too beautiful to be packed away. The latest addition to that inventory is a gorgeous silk skirt from Pushpak Vimaan, a label that weaves fairytales into clothes. I discovered them on Instagram and instantly wanted to buy everything I could see on their pretty page. Each collection is a mix of whimsical motifs and unconventional silhouettes. The skirt I have styled in this post is a part of a two-piece outfit that has a fabulous cross-bodice cold-shoulder top to go along with it. You can buy the outfit, and everything else that Pushpak Vimaan has to offer, here.

I had a ball experimenting with the skirt. The best thing about it (apart from the sexy pencil fit) is the lovely sheer panel on the hem. It's got the cutest patches and embroidery! Here are the three ways I styled it:

#1. Biker Chic

I went for a black lace bralette and leather jacket for this look. I have always liked wearing all-back outfits and it is only great that it's currently major fall-winter trend. For accessories, I finally gave in to the choker after swearing to myself for months that I'd never wear this suffocating thing around my neck. Have to admit, it is kinda bad-ass. OTT boots for some more edge, of course.

#2. Christmas Calling

Because what's winter without sequinned sweaters and warm infinity scarves anyway! You don't even need any other accessories because your sweater's got enough bling already. Added my favourite red muffler (hand-knitted by my mom) for some pop and because it matches the thread-work on the skirt perfectly. PS. I wear white sneakers with EVERYTHING these days.

#3. Sometimes, all a saree needs is a skirt

I had the most amount of fun shooting this one! Mainly because there were bindis and chandbalis involved, but also because this shaded red saree is my absolute favourite (wore  it for my college farewell). Since chiffon is a very light, malleable fabric, all I had to do was pleat one-third of the saree and tuck it in the skirt at the back and coil the rest of the length around my neck.

So, that's that! Let me know what you think. Before I sign off though, I NEED to tell y'all that I am loving blogging about personal style SO MUCH right now! Especially posts like these, which are more of a creative challenge to myself. Plus, it's so, so great to discover and work with genius home-grown labels like Pushpak Vimaan. The outfit featured in this post is from their newest collection, Manchala, check it out here.

Follow Pushpak Vimaan on Instagram and Facebook. Find more here

All pictures in this post have been shot by my brilliant friend Ankit Mathur . Check out more of his awesome work here

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  1. Amazingly matched outfits and Amazing you 😘❤️

    1. Thank you so much!! 😘❤️😘❤️😘❤️

  2. Awesome outfits. perfectly matched. loved it.