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March has been a month of changes. Good changes. I realised that I have been running for far too long and tiring myself for reasons I didn't really understand. I quit my (very fantastic) job last week to re-align my personal goals and figure out what it is that I REALLY want from life. I also realised that maybe, just maybe, stability is overrated. It's my time (and age) to be reckless, take risks and really invest in my personal growth. And while I am extremely clueless about just how to do that, I am loving every bit of this much-needed breather. I am watching all the movies I had wanted to watch, catching up on all the TV shows, chilling with mom, sleeping with no alarms, checking out all the places in the city that I had wanted to, planning my trip to Pondicherry and basically, living a life that is free from deadlines. And even though I know it's temporary, I'm living the friggin' dream. 

That's all about my current work-life situation. Now, since I've got a lot of free time at hand, my social media activity has increased at an unbelievable rate, the best part of which is that I've recently discovered some lovely fashion labels on Instagram that are based out of Delhi. One of them is Lila, an Indian-contemporary clothing label that brings together organic fabrics, minimal prints and structured silhouettes, in the most beautiful manner. They've got a lovely studio in Shahpur Jat and they also retail online through Instagram and Facebook. 

I just know that this pure-cotton stripe dress from Lila is going to be my summer staple. What really made me go for it was undoubtedly the pretty fluted sleeves. As a lover of everything that flutters, I am quite loving the exaggerated-sleeves trend.

It comes with a 100% cotton lining and a pretty button-down scallop neck. While the dress doesn't need much accessorising, I chose to go a little OTT with my favourite silver necklace and mum's silver anklets over the boots, along with some DIY flower brooches.

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You can check out more from Lila here and follow them on Instagram here.

Photographs: Ankit Mathur

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  1. Hey Mahima, We've been friends on Facebook for sometime and I just came across this post and loved it! Will be reading your blog regularly.

    Also, loved how you have styled this look! Definitely heading to buy this look!

    Also, here is my blog :

    Stay in touch. Stay fabulous!

    Sunflare Arthouse

  2. Thanks, Megha! You've got a beautiful blog. Stay in touch. xx