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Howdy, people! The week has whizzed by so fast, I can hardly breathe. I was supposed to re-take driving lessons and get over this baseless belief that me getting behind the wheel will most definitely lead to something terrible. However, none of that could happen because I was busy living the lavish life of a lazy, unemployed gal with the sole mantra that is YOLO. I do realise that I haven't posted in a while but there's a bunch of awesome things I need to tell you all about! I'll start with Rustic Hue, a contemporary yet Indian-at-heart design label that I stumbled upon during a random scroll-sesh on Instagram. 

Based in Bhubaneswar, Rustic Hue beautifully combines rural aesthetics with urban functionality {think anarkalis with pockets} and the magic touch of the finest Indian weaving techniques. Apart from designing the clothes, they also create their own fabrics by working closely with local weavers. I know how much passion goes into the creation of each garment because of this one conversation I had with Swikruti Pradhan, the creative mind behind the label. She made me understand the kind of effort that the handloom weavers and craftsmen from different villages of Odisha put in the making of each garment to match the modern sensibilities of people like you and me, while staying true to the roots of their lovely villages.

The outfit you see in this post is a gorgeous anarkali-cum-maxi dress from Rustic Hue's Chakra collection, inspired by the seven chakras {energy pools} of the human body. This cotton-only collection extensively uses motifs like swastika and simple mandalas, woven or appliqued on to the fabric. While I love the dress as is, I tried to give it a glam twist by turning it into an off-shoulder number {you'll see it in the latter half of the pictures}. The shoulder of the dress have been rolled down and secured using the draw-strings on the waist of the anarkali. It's not that genius a trick, I know, but it does change the entire mood of the outfit, doesn't it?

I love the breezy silhouette and how beautifully the two shades of red come together. The fabric is a very breathable cotton, which means I can live in it the entire summer if I want to. I deliberately chose boots with it because a) boots are awesome and badass b) I enjoy femininity with a little edge.

Another thing that REALLY impressed me about Rustic Hue is their environment-conscious vision. I must tell you about 'Jugaad', their zero-wastage initiative that turns scraps of cloth into gorgeous accessories like chokers, hair pins, brooches, etc. The frill choker I'm wearing here is one of the many pretty Jugaad pieces. FYI, they've got more variants in chokers and they're all nominally priced at INR 200. You can DM Rustic Hue on Instagram to place your order.

You can know more about Rustic Hue on their website or shop their stuff on Red Polka. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for regular updates.

Featured here: Red Maroon Chakra Angrakha
Material: 100% cotton
Price: INR 3,200     |      Buy here

All images have been shot by my lovely friend Ankit Mathur. Check out more of his work here

Location: Crafts Museum, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

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