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I have always been a shirts-person. For me, they are not only the most comfortable, but also one of the most versatile. I find myself wearing one almost every second day- and it's super easy to dress them up or down according to my mood. There are countless ways you can accessorise a shirt {my favourite has to be brooches and collar necklaces} but I've recently added two to my closet that need absolutely no jazzing up, thanks to the gorg thread-work on their panels.

Embroidery {especially floral patterns} has flooded the ramps world over and have naturally taken over the streets. One might even think that it is now overdone and is almost on the verge of becoming passé. This year, floral embroidery has made a huge comeback on denims, leather jackets, sheer dresses and gowns, handbags, and almost everything. But on a personal level, my love for this trend is very newfound and one that is likely to last very long. And while I continue my hunt for more thread-laden pieces, have a look at the most recent embroidery additions to my wardrobe.

The first outfit features a long olive shirt {a street-buy from Pondicherry} with some mad slits on the sides. However, I've tied the long panels into a knot so my new, comfy linen culottes can share the limelight. I am still working on my scarf-tying techniques- trust me, it's a lot more challenging when you've got hair that just never listens- but I am enjoying how it looks. Coming back to the shirt, it's a really dull olive green, which lets the thread work shine. When not knotted up, I'd also wear this {otherwise knee-length} shirt with a pair of breezy printed pants or some easy mom jeans. Might put it up on my Instagram one of these days.

The second outfit's got a striped shirt with some really cute flowery-leafy embroidery- a very random buy from a pop-up store at the mall. It's a short, well-fitted shirt that not only looks smashing with any kind of skirt but also makes for an excellent throw over a plain, solid dress. This button-down skirt from Forever21 has always worked well for me- I obviously love it even more because of the pockets. I am also very enthusiastic about wearing boots with skirts, no matter the weather- hence, the shoes.

The whole idea behind this post was to 1) appreciate shirts as an item of clothing; 2) express my love for embroidery as a trend, and lastly, 3) just show off some new, pretty clothes.

How do you like wearing your shirts? Tell me in the comments!


Photographs and encouragement: Ankit Mathur .
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