Pizza with a view: Cafe By the Lake {Naukuchiatal}

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Where: Kamal Tal, Siloti Pant, Naukuchiatal
Cuisine: American, Italian
Cost: 800 for two

My recent trip to Naukuchital was full of pleasant surprises. I thought it would be just like any other mainstream hill station with more tourists than it can hold and crammed with stalls selling Maggi. But it wasn't pleasantly so. I went in early April- not the best weather to visit but I'm just glad that it wasn't as crowded as I had anticipated. Apart from the street food stalls around the lake, there are some pretty great restaurants and cafes to dine at. In this post, I'm going to be telling you about the one I liked best.

Like the name promises, Cafe By the Lake offers a fantastic view of Kamal Tal {a small lotus pond adjacent to the Naukuchiatal lake}. Though there weren't any lotuses at the time we went, you would be pleased by the scenic contrast between the layers of hills and the beautiful landscape, in general. The rustic cottage-like look of the cafe with pretty plants on the porch is extremely welcoming.

Two minutes into the cafe, I found myself Instagramming its pretty interiors like an excited kid. There's just so much colour and natural light, along with cutesy elements like fairy-lights, quirky wall art, and some really interesting books to sip your coffee with. There's also a small garden area at the back with prosperous bushes of bougainvillea. All in all, Cafe by the Lake is a warm treat for your eyes and of course, your taste buds.

They've got a small but wholesome menu for you to choose from- there's a little bit of everything. I saw some really good breakfast options but since we visited during daytime, we decided to stick to pizza. First things first, I LOVED all of the pizzas I tried here. An absolute must-have, the Green Goblin Pizza comes loaded with cheese, pesto and black olives. The crust was really something and the cheese, extra brown- which further added to the taste. My second favourite would be the Three Kings Pizza with a secret cheese blend and no other toppings- plain, simple and the kind of pizza that doesn't leave your head. If you're someone who prefers lots of veggies on their pizza, go for the Gardener's Bounty with tomato, basil, corn and green pepper. I went for a hazelnut coffee to go along with the grub and didn't regret it.

While I have nothing but good things to say about the pizzas, I was extremely disappointed by the cottage cheese and potato burger: it was over-grilled and the bun was too hard to chew. Service can get a little slow but there's lots of good books and a great view to keep you company. I'd definitely go back for the pizza!

In case you'd like a recommendation for where to stay in Naukuchiatal, watch out for my review of The Lakeside Bungalows.


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