5 drinks to try with Dineout's Cocktail Fest

By 02:53 Friday 16 June 2017 ,

Hello, lovers of the good life! It's Friday again which means it's also time for you to get your weekend plans in place before it flies. For me, a perfect weekend involves lots of good food and alcohol, and if that's exactly the case with you, I've got good news.

Dineout is running a week long Cocktail Fest from 14th to 21st June at some of the best restaurants in South Delhi and the participating restaurants are offering a special cocktail menu that have drinks at a flat rate of INR 200 each {all inclusive}. Amazing, right? You can check out the details and reserve your table here.

There are plenty of choices but as always, I've got a few recommendations:

#1. 'I Don't Care' at The Chatter House, Nehru Place

Because nothing else resonates better with my weekend mood! When it comes to alcohol, white rum is my jam which is partially the reason I'm endorsing this one. Add to it the tanginess of mango puree and the freshness of mint: summer in a glass, I'd say!

#2. Passion Fruit and Jalapenos Margarita at Lord of the Drinks Forum, Nehru Place

This one's got 'fun' written all over it. Have you ever tried jalapeno in a cocktail before? If yes, you'd know what I'm talking about. If no, now's a great time to give it a shot!

#3. Voodoo Doll at Taksim, Khel Gaon

If the name isn't intriguing enough, think vodka with the triple whammy of orange, cranberry and raspberry. Yum and yum!

#4. The Cosmopolitan at The Flying Saucer, Nehru Place

You know what's better than a Cosmo? A Cosmo with lavender. Try it to believe it!

#5. Frozen Mango Cocotini at 1 Oak, Defence Colony

For the simple reason that it combines two of my favourite summer things: mango and coconut.

All this {and more} is available at INR 200 each, all inclusive at the participating restaurants. Please note that the offer is only valid if you make your booking through the Dineout App. You can easily reserve your table here: https://bnc.lt/6ZXm/Zaz2uPzuQD

Dineout's Cocktail Fest is on from June 14th to 21st, 2017. 

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