Ethical weaves {feat. Nool}

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It's not difficult, to make good looking, well tailored clothes. What's rare for a brand is to have all that along with a clear conscience, a powerful design concept and a social purpose. Nool {which means 'thread' in Tamil} is an apparel and home furnishing label tucked away, off National Highway 47, in Erode in the heart of South India. Their vision is simple: to sustain handloom weaving, a craft that's now on the verge of extinction. In addition to that, the brand is also trying to sustain a cluster of weavers in Chennimalai by way of a permanent weavers studio, providing them with a steady income and a continuous flow of work.

Their newest collection is called and features 'Kattam' or ‘checks’ in Tamil using handwoven cotton in subtle pastels as the design canvas. The thought process behind the collection is to depict the untameable, inspiring and liberated modern-day woman, not bound by any sort of shackles {or checks}, which may be her kitchen or her work cubicle, and is even unwavered by self-doubt. 

I am relieved
I see the feminine presence
In a man’s eyes.
It means
He is at peace
I do not
bring to him

Salt. By Nayyirah Waheed 

In this post, I'm wearing one of my favourite garments from the Kattam collection, a two piece maxi set in the most subtle orange and a light white overcoat. You can check out more from Nool on their website Stay tuned for part two of the series with Nool.

Featured here: Madhubala Dent dress set
Material: Handwoven cotton
Price: INR 4,900     |      Buy here

All images have been shot by my lovely friend Ankit Mathur. Check out more of his work here

Location courtesy Too Indian, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi.

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