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It's raining like crazy here in Delhi today and I'm kind of home-bound. My lunch plans with friends have changed into dinner plans and I just found out I have the whole afternoon to myself. There is a certain joy in typing out exactly what I am thinking while listening to the pitter patter of the rain drops. So I thought it's a good time to go through the million posts I've saved as drafts on the blog and maybe publish a few.

This one's just an appreciation post of the wonder that is mom jeans. I've never been a skinny-jeans gal and have always gone for flared denims, or straighter and more relaxed fits. Mom jeans, once ridiculed, discarded and termed 'unflattering' have found space {and a lot of it} in the closets of the 21st century. If you ask me, they are the exact opposite of unflattering- considering how huge {in a nice way} they make my butt look! Mom jeans add the right kind of curviness to my frame and I'm really digging it at the moment. For me, they work best with roomy t-shirts/tops tucked-in carelessly. I almost always roll up the hems of my denims for some strange reason and it works great for jeans like these to give them a slightly tapered fit. 

This isn't a full fledged style post, but just a bunch of pretty pictures my mom clicked when we were out and about. Scroll away!

Outfit details:

Jeans and sunnies: Koovs.com
T-shirt: Max Fashion {Men's section}
Bag and shoes: Lavie

You know what else I'm really digging at the moment? Jeans with frayed hems: super edgy, IMO. Tell me your current favourite denim trend in the comments below!

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