The Emoi tuk-tuk is serving great gelato in cute shapes!

By 01:55 Monday 21 August 2017 , , ,

Where: DLF Place Saket, Mall of India Noida, CyberHub Gurgaon, Pacific Mall Tagore Garden

Cost: INR 80-100

Emoi is the new gelato truck in town that makes creamy gelatos in super cute shapes and interesting flavours. I had noticed it a couple of times during my shopping trips to DLF Place Saket but finally tried a few variants just last week.

What's on the menu
You can choose from scoops in flavours like chilli guava, coconut, banoffee, peach-apricot, paan, vanilla brownie, strawberry oreo, and more. They've also got 'gelato on sticks' in fun shapes like paw-shaped cold coffee, red-velvet tower, leaf-like matcha and Belgian chocolate bar. 

My favourites
Since I am a huge red-velvet enthusiast, it was my first choice. Thankfully, I wasn't disappointed. The creamy vanilla gelato block was covered in red-velvet cake dust and made for a nice, chiller substitute for a cake. I also liked the, chocolate fruit and nut, paan and blueberry yogurt flavours that are available in scoops. I am pretty keen on trying their matcha stick, which was unavailable during the time of my visit.

Emoi is a great, pocket friendly place to satisfy your dessert cravings on the go. Do check it out on your next mall visit!

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