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Hello, there's a long weekend coming up and I am planning another short getaway to Rajasthan. But in the middle of all the preps, I thought I MUST clear the backlog first. I visited Kota during the Independence Day long weekend and my fascination with Bundi was a major reason behind choosing the city. Bundi is only 39 km away from Kota and has a lot to offer in terms of architecture, history and gorgeous aerial views of the semi-rural settlement. The most striking however, remains the Taragarh Fort which dates back to the 16th century. 

Despite its magnificence, the fort isn't widely known and isn't a very popular choice among Indian travellers. There is definitely a larger influx of foreign tourists and photographers- I could make that out by the kind of accommodation and dining options around the fort. Unlike most of the popular structures in Rajasthan, Taragarh is probably the least influenced by Mughal aesthetics and exhibits Rajput architecture in its most unadulterated, glorious form. Another thing that sets Taragarh apart is its building material. While most traditional structures in Rajasthan are made of sandstone, this one uses a somewhat greenish variety of serpentine stone found in the region. This particular variety of stone doesn't allow fine carving and the fort is therefore, largely adorned by intricate wall murals.

"The palace is entered through the imposing Hathia Pol with two towers topped by a painted sculpture of elephants. An unmissable part of the palace is the Rani Mahal which houses the Chitrashala, an arcaded gallery (built between 1748 and 1770) overlooking a hanging garden. The murals in these are regarded as among the finest examples of Rajput painting. The themes they cover include scenes from religious ceremonies, hunting scenes and other princely amusements. The colors are predominantly blue and green, with touches of deep red and yellow." (source

I was quite overwhelmed with the beauty and craftsmanship exhibited by the wonderful Taragarh Fort but was also disappointed to see how badly it was maintained. The overgrown vegetation takes away a lot of its charm and the inhabitant bats hamper your enthusiasm to explore the dingy sections of the fort. There are also no concrete arrangements for the safety and security of the visitors.

The fort has a couple of cafes and refreshment outlets, along with a workshop that sells jewellery made with semi-precious stones, a commonality I find between all tourist destinations in Rajasthan. 

Other things to see in the small town of Bundi are Sukh Mahal, overlooking the Jait Sagar Lake and the popular stepwell called Raniji ki Baori (which was closed during my visit).

Getting there

The best way to reach Bundi from Delhi is via train. You could take an overnight train to Kota. Bundi is an easy hour-long drive/ bus ride from there. 

The nearest airport is Sanganer, Jaipur, which is about 200km from Bundi. However, Kota's domestic airport will be operational soon and would be a far better option.


I will also be sharing details about things to do in Kota and where to stay, in a separate blog post. Wait for it!

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