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The best kind of clothes and accessories are the ones that don't take too much thought before putting them on. However, statement pieces are something that a lot of us are particularly apprehensive about. The trick is to keep a balance and tone down the rest of your attire according to the mood of this one stand-out accessory. In this post, my stand-out component, for example are these gorgeous tassel earrings from Technicolour Jewellery, that sells unique and handmade fabric earrings via Instagram/Facebook and Email. The DIY project was started by my talented friend Jasmin Kaur who I know is an ardent lover of all things bold and quirky, the two qualities that Technicolour also embodies. This particular piece is a personal favourite and I feel, is one of her signatures.

What I like best about Technicolour Jewellery is that you can customise everything, right from the colour of the tassels to the print of the fabric. They also have earrings in all sizes so whether you're a stud person or prefer danglers, there's something for you on her page. Check it out here

Like I mentioned before, letting statement pieces stand out is a lot about toning down the rest of the attire. In this particular outfit, I have used a subtle blues and whites play backdrop to the pop of the pink earrings. The earrings may appear chunky but are actually pretty lightweight and easy to carry. I added the denim jacket to give the outfit a slightly more chilled out vibe. 

You can also Like their Facebook page to get regular updates about new designs and their pop-ups. If you're always on the look out for unique pieces, give Technicolour a go!

Photography: Kunal Sachdeva

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