Of history and havelis: A walk through Churu {Rajasthan}

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An easy five hours away from Delhi, the Shekhawati town of Churu provides you with a breathtaking window into the glorious Rajputana architecture that dates back to the 17th century. It was amazing to stumble upon these old structures laden with frescos that have only beautified over time. There are no sightseeing points as such, every other house in the narrow lanes is worth your time and appreciation. However, there are a few popular havelis that should definitely be on your checklist:

#1. Surana Haveli {one of the many buildings built by the merchant clans of Suranas and Kotharis}
#2. Malji ka Kamra {Kothari mansion now turned into a hotel, displays a blend of Italian and Rajput architecture}
#3. Kanhaiya Lal Bagla Haveli {has some 100 small windows}
#4. Mantri Haveli {one of the oldest havelis in Churu, completely covered with intricate paintings}

For a more extensive guide of things to see and do in Churu, check out this list.

Getting there

There is a direct train from Delhi to Churu that takes around 5 hours. Churu is also well connected to Delhi by road with an approximate driving distance of 260 km.

I also covered another Shekhawati town called Mandawa in the same trip, which lies some 40km from Churu. More about that in the next blog post!

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