Review: ST. D'VENCÉ Autumn Edition Moisturiser

By 22:49 Sunday 10 December 2017 , ,

Winters can be a nightmare for the skin, especially if you have dry skin. And even though dryness isn't a concern in my case, there's a need to reapply creams throughout the day which frankly, just doesn't work for a lazy bum like me. So the entire season becomes about hit and trial of moisturisers to find one that can actually keep the skin hydrated for long and I end up with stacks of lotions and body butters on my bedside table. The latest launch from ST. D'VENCÉ however, is a BIG problem-solver in this respect. 

I received a 100 ml packaging for trial and it has been my go-to moisturiser {for both body and face} since the last two weeks. It gets absorbed really quickly and I don't have to worry about any unwanted grease or sheen. It can keep the skin soft and hydrated up to a good 6-7 hours. The fragrance is a bit strong {a sort of sweet floral} but subsides gradually within minutes after the application. Though it spreads smoothly, I do feel that the consistency is a bit thick for a body lotion which also makes it difficult to get it out of the bottle. But since the original packaging comes with a pump nozzle, I am hoping this won't be a problem. 

So, the Autumn Edition Moisturiser from ST. D'VENCÉ is definitely a good investment, especially if you have dry skin, and are looking for a single product that takes care of your skin's complete  moisture needs.

Ingredients: Natural hydrating agents like argan oil, avocado butter, French shea butter, avocado oil, almond oil, jojoba oil and olive oil.

Price: INR 499 for 300ml    |    Buy here

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