Putting together an outfit in 500 bucks & other winter musings

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Friendsssss, winter is almost over!! If there are woollens in your closet that are yet to see the light of day, now's the time to take em out. Don't let this opportunity to layer up and be extra go to waste, people. I am particularly proud of how well I've utilised my winter wardrobe this season. I've also been kinda prudent while shopping and spent the right amount on the right things. Being an impulsive shopper has never been great for my financial health but this time, I have resisted a lot of temptations, although I must give due credit to my mother's half-serious threats to throw all my stuff out since we've practically run out of closet space..God bless her.

Anywayyy, in this post I introduce you to four brand new additions to my wardrobe that have together cost me less than 600 rupees: LONG LIVE, SAROJINI! I've created a simple, no-brainer outfit using these four things and plan to wear them in different combinations in the months to come.

First up, the button-down cotton maxi dress can easily qualify as vintage with its tartan print, black velvet accents and a super low-cut neckline {which should be even more fun in the summers}. Adding further to my delight, it comes with an adjustable belt at the back so my ever fluctuating waistline is actually NBD for this one. Next, I stumbled upon this cozy turtleneck in navy blue and bought it without a second thought. It has the most perfect fit + the fabric is soft and very, very stretchable. Third, the tan sling bag with a moustache motif is one of my most prized finds and looks fabulous with everything. I am not one to follow trends but the hoop-earrings I see everyone wearing right now really caught my fancy. So I got the biggest ones I could find and have been wearing them almost everyday! SO...my list of expenditurea total of INR 520goes like this: Dress: INR 150, Turtleneck: 100, Sling bag: 250, Earrings: 20. Great, right? 

The best part about street shopping is that it's easier to let go of your clothes and therefore, refresh your wardrobe more frequently. However, I still advise and prefer investing in staples {like jeans, coats, leather jackets, boots} from legit stores as you might want them to last longerthey only get better with age and become your go-to pieces. 

I am also wearing my black suede shoes {Forever 21} from my existing closet, that need urgent replacement..just look at those poor things. In case you know where I can find similar ones, let me know in the comments below.

REALLY hope you liked this little fashion exploration and in case you want more, follow my Instagram page here

{Pictures clicked by my BFF Bhawna Sati using my antique but dependable iPhone 5s}

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