Add a boho vibe to any Indian outfit with these 5 accessories!

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I don't know if you can relate, but there was a time in my life when Indian clothing was reserved for special occasions only. I never preferred kurtas or any ethnic wear item for casual wear. Mostly because of two reasons: first, the stuff I found in the local malls/shops didn't match my style {but then came the online-shopping boom}. Secondly, I hadn't yet discovered all the simple ways to make Indian outfits look fun and young. 

But as I entered my 20s, I became a lot more confident about my style and started experimenting with bolder combinations and accessories. Jewellery became a part of even the most casual of my outfits and I no longer shied away from statement pieces. I think it was then that I discovered that I love all things boho, and tried to make that aesthetic work with every outfit I put together, even the everyday Indian kurtas I occasionally borrowed from my mother's closet. In this post, I'm sharing a few tricks I swear by to make my Indian outfits more edgy, more Boho and hence, more ME. 

#1. Colourful choker necklaces

Chokers returned like a ghost accessory from the past and it took me a little while to warm up to this outrageous-but-fun accessory. But don’t go for the simple, plain bands everyone’s been wearing. Look for standout pieces, like this designer necklace by Nakhrewaali: 

#2. Kolhapuri slippers 

Kolhapuris are a universal favourite simply because of how comfy and versatile they are. You can work them with leggings, palazzos, skirts, jeans and pretty much all Indian and fusion wear. I think each girl should own one classic tan pair to qualify as a REAL Kolhapuri-enthusiast and also one unique, embellished pair that stands out. 

#3. Coin jewellery 

As a Delhi-girl, I’ve seen as much junk jewellery as I’ve eaten junk food. Our street markets are strewn with gorgeous silver jewellery but one element that makes me buy a piece: coins! There’s something so wonderfully vintage and boho about jewellery pieces that have real coins. You’ll easily find both danglers and statement necklaces in places like Janpath but in case you’re looking for something easy-yet-edgy, check out these stud earrings online

#4. Beaded bags and clutches 

Beads are boho by nature. While I’m not particularly crazy about beaded jewellery, I absolutely adore beaded embellishments on bags and party clutches. Currently crushing on this particular one: 

#5. Statement danglers 

Big earrings should be your go-to trinket for when you want to look dressed-up without putting too much thought or effort. They are basically the red lipstick of the jewellery world. But I’d say, stay away from the conventional tassels and pom poms that are so done-to-death, they hardly qualify as boho anymore. Instead, look for fresh Indian motifs and charms. Designer Aditi Bhatt is my personal favourite when it comes to statement earrings: 

I hope this post was of help, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section! 

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  1. Last Big earrings Looks awesome. great collection too!

    Binda Patel