My friends and I wore sarees for a week!

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Helloooo! If you follow me on Instagram, you'd know all the saree-madness that had been going on between me and my girlfriends, Akanksha and Shobhna.

Like I mentioned in the first Instagram post of the series, I am always looking for excuses to wear my mom’s gorgeous sarees. But I recently realised that I don’t really need excuses to wear a saree. The three of us agreed that this wonderfully versatile Indian garment could and should find a more prominent space in the closets of awesome young women such as ourselves. We have documented our saree-adventures under the hashtag #NineYardsofBromos , in case you’d like to get in on all the action...but I'm collating all my looks in this blog post anyway! I'm wearing all my Sarojini crop tops as'll find all the other details in the Instagram captions. Here you go:

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

I am proud to tell you that I got through the ENTIRE week without ANY wardrobe malfunctions or episodes of me falling and breaking my face. During this time, I went to college, went to work, also went shopping, met people and did general chilling at home while being draped in pretty fabric and it was all good fun! Contrary to popular belief, living in a saree is terribly easy {even peeing, dont @ me}. However, I must also acknowledge that this entire challenge would've been a complete fail if it wasn't for my mother's cutting-edge saree-draping skills. Feel free to call me a cheater but I AM REALLY TRYING TO LEARN, GUYS!

Really hope this post encourages you to drape a saree on yourself soon! Trust me, it'll be fantastic.

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