Ditch them heels! Glam up your Indian outfits with these comfy alternatives

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Weddings primarily mean two things to me- lots of food and lots of dancing. But my choice of footwear often came in the way of me fully letting my hair down at wedding parties. A couple of hours into the event, I realise I’ve done the terrible mistake {once again} of choosing uncomfortable heels and now I must pay for it by taking quick breaks from my beloved dance floor to rub my aching feet. What follows is also the embarrassment of me asking my little cousins to bring me food and water because I am DONE using my legs for the rest of the night, thank you very much. 

For the longest time, I thought there was no way out because you need sexy footwear that can match up the grandeur of Indian anarkalis and sarees and only and only skimpy heels seemed to fit the bill. But thanks to the glamification of everyday footwear like slip-ons and juttis, my feet can feel dressed up without having to die in the process. 

So in this post, I'll show you some lovely ladies footwear online that are not only extremely pretty but also very, very comfortable. Enjoy! 


Punjabi jutti is a favourite among women of all ages because they are so easy to slide into, are affordable and also take the exact shape of your feet over time giving you the perfect fit. Even my friends from out of India love to shop and take home lots of juttis whenever they visit here. You can find them with gorgeous embroideries, sequins, patchwork, beads and what not, which make them just perfect for parties! 


My love for kolhapuris keeps growing with every new pair that I buy. Over the years, they’ve become the most reliable kind of footwear that I’ve worn to college, to work or for casual hopping around and being able to wear them at parties is such a win for me. There’s a wide variety of Kolhapuri chappals for women available online but this pastel pair by Preet Kaur has my heart: 


Slip-on shoes are my favourite thing for everyday wear. They’re a wonderful cross between shoes and slippers. Put the right kind of bling on them and they can become your go-to party shoes as well. If juttis are not your jam, these could be JUST the perfect option for you: 


Your day-time summer favourite can also work great with evening outfits with the right embellishments. This kind of footwear is so apt for poolside parties and functions. Let your feet breathe while maintaining your style quotient with a pair like this: 

Plenty of pretty options, right? Hope this post was able to give you some good alternatives over your uncomfortable heels! 

Until next post. xx 

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