A day in Old Phuket Town {Photo story}

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I should have given more days to Phuket on my recent trip to Thailand-—there was so much to do! Right from the beautiful beaches and island tours, to the colourful streets, the night markets and  lively parades...there's never a dull moment on this happening little island.

Initially, the only thing on my agenda was soaking in the sun and getting the best tan of my life. However, on our last day in Phuket, it was too hot for the beach and I found myself looking for something interesting yet non-exhausting to do. A quick google search later, I was convinced that no matter how far it was from my resort in Patong, Old Phuket Town wasn't something I can miss. It took us {my family of four} around 40 minutes from Patong to Old Phuket and it was totally worth it. You can easily hire a local taxi which will charge around 800 Baht for the round trip. 

This culturally-rich side of the town is known for its colourful Sino-Portuguese buildings that line its broad streets. To give you a little background, Phuket had been the tin-mining country of Thailand since the 16th century and most of the mining was carried out by the local communities. However, around the 20th century, European mining companies were invited in and given the task of constructing public infrastructure. Hence, the European influence on the architecture. You can also expect to find some really stunning street art and graffiti by local artists. There are also plenty of pretty cafes and souvenir shops for occasional shelters from the sun during your exploration.



You can refer to this article for a more detailed walking guide around the lovely streets of Old Phuket. 

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