A shy girl's guide to pulling off red lipstick + my 5 favourites

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If you follow me on Instagram, you'd know how much I love bold lips, especially reds and wines. I think red lipsticks do for me what high heels do for some women- they can be such a confidence booster! Five years back, I couldn't have imagined wearing anything that caused people to notice me. Even until I graduated, I always reached for my peaches and nudes without a second thought. There was also the fear of "will my friends laugh at me?" or "will my mom think I'm growing up too fast?" But I eventually got over all that and realised life's too short to not do everything that terrifies you.

Anyway, all I am REALLY saying is: red lips are easier to pull off than you may think. Contrary to popular belief, they are not intimidating, or loud, or attention-seeking. Being an ex-introvert, I want to tell you that if you've consciously stayed away from red lipsticks all this while--it's time to loosen up. 

Getting started

If you're JUST starting out, I'd suggest you go for deeper shades instead of bright ones. I am no expert and speak purely from experience, deeper reds kind of eased me into the tricky world of rouge pouts.

Darker tones of red are definitely easier to pull off as they are more subtle and you'll be a little less self-conscious. Plus, they tend to suit most skin tones. I also prefer creamy to matte finishes instead of glossy reds for the very same reason.

My favourites

I don't like to spend too much money on beauty products because:
- I know how easily I get bored of them
- I am too lazy to put on anything except eyeliner on most days
- I know they'll expire before I've used even half the quantity

So coming to my next point...here are five reliable red lipsticks that always make me feel fabulous and don't cost a bomb:

This was my very first red lipstick and a lot of credit goes to this one for giving me a great start. I love its subtle finish and the sweet-but-sexy candy fragrance. Definitely try it out when you visit an Inglot store next!

Finish: Semi Matte
Price:  INR 1200 
Buy here

#2. Colorbar Take Me As I am Lip Crayon in Sensuous Red

Colorbar is one of my favourite beauty brands and I've used this particular crayon in three different shades. The formula is bang-on: it gives you a lovely matte finish without drying your lips. A single swipe gives full coverage. The only drawback: I had to sharpen it more often than I had anticipated. Nonetheless, it remains one of my go-to lipsticks to feel glamourous in a jiffy.

Finish: Creamy matte
Price: INR 900
Buy here

I used to hate liquid lipsticks until I found this one. It's quick dry + strongly pigmented- a single swipe across your lips gives full coverage and leaves no cracks. The formula is super creamy, spreads easily while making your lips feel fully moisturised. It lasts up to a good 5 hours and even as it fades, it doesn't leave those annoying patches like most matte lipsticks tend to. A little pricey, but definitely worth it.

Finish: Velvet-Matte
Price: INR 1195
Buy here

#4. Nykaa Paintstix in Rebellious Red

Count on Nykaa to launch great quality products at affordable prices almost every week! I particularly love the paintstix because it's a simple, no-fuss lipstick range that does what it promises and comes in  the most gorgeous shades.

Finish: Soft matte
Price: INR 425
Buy here

Simply put, this one feels like a layer of silk on the lips! It comes with the goodness of argan oil along with a long-stay, creamy velvet finish that easily survives a meal or two. I personally prefer a matte finish in all my lipsticks but this one's got a slight shimmer that I don't mind. In fact, it's quite a handy product to instantly brighten up your face and make you feel dressed up. The sticky formula makes sure that there's little-to-no smudging. Psst, I also dab it on my cheeks a little when I'm getting late and can't find my rouge...I'm just a lazy girl who's #winningAtLyf.

Finish: Sheer, glossy
Price: INR 750
Buy here

I honestly believe making red lipsticks work in your favour is mostly about three things:

- being comfortable in your skin
- finding the right shade + formula
- not caring too much. 

Hope this post helps you find the right one for yourself, because you'll {eventually} get the other two points sorted.

See you in the next post.


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