Winged eyeliner, no problem! {Revlon Colorstay Exactify}

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Getting the perfect winged eyeliner is one of the many daily struggles that comes with being a woman. Although, over time, we all develop our own hacks to get seemingly equal curves on our wings, even if it is at the cost of getting late to college/office every single day. For some, this hack can also be not wearing any eyeliner at all. And then there are days when the eyeliner gods are happy and let you enjoy 'a good eyeliner day', a phenomenon that's rarer than a good hair day. The new launch from Revlon is supposed to be a game-changer in this department. Ladies, meet the Colorstay Exactify liquid liner that was made to give you the perfect wings.

What's different about it? The tip of the brush is actually a tiny wheel. A kind of a mini pizza-cutter, if you will. This allows an easy glide across the lid, while giving you a super fine stroke from start to finish. The consistency is that of a usual liquid liner and the tint, like its name, is intense black. I loved how quickly it dries off and I don't have to worry about getting a duplicate outline on my lid {the main reason I stay away from liquid liners in the first place}. Now coming to the real question-how long does it last? As per my observation: a good 4-5 hours. Much to my surprise, it didn't budge even when I accidentally rubbed my eye.


While the wheel-tip is perfect for the wing, I want to tell you it's not the best product if you like your liner thick. It is a bit of a struggle to neatly fill up the outline with such fine strokes. Also, sometimes the line comes off patchy {either because the wheel didn't rotate or didn't absorb enough product} and I have to repeat an entire stroke to make it even..which is REALLY annoying. I would probably just use this product either when I need a really fine line or only to make the outline of my liner for the wing. 

Another major drawback for me is the quantity. A budget beauty buyer like me would probably not like to spend a thousand bucks for just 1ml of product. I am not sure if it'll even last for more than 10-15 uses. So even with all its great qualities and a bang-on formula, I don't think this one's getting a repeat purchase from me.

Also available in Sparkling Black, Mermaid Blue and Mulberry shades. More details here.

{I wanted to add a link to shop but since it's just launched in India, I couldn't find any credible online seller yet. You might find it at a Revlon store near you, in case you're interested.}

Hope this review was helpful, feel free to ask anything else in the comments.

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