Street Style Ethnic {feat. Craftsvilla}

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I don't know how many of you would relate but for me, ethnic wear was always reserved for special occasions and festivals. It was also my top choice when the event was a family gathering. I didn't always see the potential in Indian garments for making a cool style statement.

Cut to 2018, when almost 70% of my outfits are Indian or Indian fusion wear. What brought about this change? The simple realisation that there’s a lot of room to play around with Indian garments and that I didn’t have to stick to traditional ways of carrying a particular silhouette. Even though my initial experiments seemed a bit off (like sneakers with kurtis that I wore to college or a western maxi with a dupatta on Diwali) probably because I wasn't used to seeing Indian garments worn like that. My only reference points were my mom and the women in my family. It was extremely my Indian outfits started to look more millennial (for the lack of a better word), and hence, more me with time. But I should also credit this evolution to two things:
- Me becoming more confident about my fashion choices, and
- The general wave of change that Indian street style has seen because of open-minded designers,  stylists and bloggers.

Experiment in Indian fashion today is not just accepted but also appreciated. My Instagram followers, for example, love to see the same old garment styled differently or in more ways than one. I also feel that with this conversation about sustainability in fashion that has gained so much momentum, it is important that we don't just shop ethical brands but also make the most of our existing wardobe--Indian garments included. 

This beautiful indigo anarkali from Craftsvilla is such a winner when it comes to versatility. I have worn it with palazzos, as a dress and also over a white shirt. I love how this simple cotton anarkali can look both casual and festive depending on your mood and styling.

The fabric is perfect for summers and the flowy silhouette is so much fun to twirl in. The pocket-friendly pricing is an added bonus!

You can buy it here

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