A Roundup Of My Favourite Winter Outfits!

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"Are you a winter person or a summer person?" Every time someone has asked me to make this pointless yet intriguing choice, I go "winter, FTW" in an instant. Maybe it's because of all the sun I love soaking lying down in my messy verandah while watching my mom knit beautiful mufflers for me, or the joy of sharing a plate of steaming hot momos with a friend in Dilli Haat. Maybe it's the possibility of a sunny picnic in the park {that never actually happens} or just the sheer pleasure I derive from all the Christmas festivities {3 cheers for mulled wine, please!}. There's a lot of nice, warm things I associate with winters and so I never really have to think twice before declaring myself a true-blue-chai-loving-daulat-ki-chaat-eating-momo-hogging winter person in Delhi.

Add to all this the sheer variety of fashion clothing and accessories one gets to style in winters. Call me narcissistic but I have thouroughly enjoyed my own winter style a lot this past season. From skirts to dresses to colourful tights, to furry caps and even furrier mufflers, crazy overcoats and the lightest of cardigans, I worn and loved them all. So here's a quick flashback of all my favourite outfits from the bygone winter:

#1. This fuzz-fest of an outfit I wore during my trip to Manali

#2. This Im-fun-but-I-also-mean-business vibe during a casual lunch outing with colleagues

#3. A celebration of "Oh, it's FINALLY cold enough to wear tights and shawls"

#4. One that screams "It may be winter but my summer dresses are staying!"

#5. This pattern party in Bikaner, approved by Man Repeller, I was on their freakin' Insta story for this!

#6. How to make a boring sweater into something less boring: change its surroundings

#7. A bright yellow against the deadness of the winter in Dehradun

#8. Mixing prints is my jam! {And OOTD pictures against clean shutters is my Instagram aesthetic, I've recently realised)

#9. And then came the overcoats...

#10. And the winter monotones

#11. This was the first time I wore these Ajio pants. Now I wear them everyday.

#12. Being fake-tall in an all-grey, vertical-illusion-creating outfit

#13. And then looking shorter than usual in the same skirt because of a reason I can't pin-point

#14. Having fun with formal-looking things in my closet

#15. An outfit interpretation of "Today I have decided to be cuter than usual"

#16. Just casually owning the colour red like...

#17. The one time I was guilty of putting on an extremely generic winter outfit

#18. Proof that denim stays, irrespective of the temperature outside

#19. Exactly what I said in the last outfit caption!

#20. Thoughts while getting ready this particular morning: "it's almost summer and this may be my last chance to wear my favourite winter skirt!"

And that's that, guys! Follow me on Instagram if you'd like to see all of this in real time and not round ups, okay? Have a great week ahead!

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