I wore the same skirt to work for a week!

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Hello, a few moments ago when I was wastefully scrolling through my own Instagram feed {don't ask, I do this 50 times a day and is something I find great comfort in}, it struck me that there are a lot of fun fashion things that I did this season that definitely deserve a mention on the blog! So I'll start with my most favourite style project that I undertook a couple of weeks ago, I like to call it the #SameSkirtChallenge.

I picked a basic skirt I picked up from Sarojini and wore it to work the entire week, styled in five different ways. Some of my colleagues wowed, others hardly noticed but at the end of it all, I was slightly more proud of my wardrobe choices. So here's how that particular week looked like, fashion-wise:

Day 1 // Monday

On Monday, I didn't even know that this was going to become a thing. I hadn't really planned a single outfit and the thought just kind of popped in my mind while drafting a very boring work e-mail. I instantly asked a colleague if she could click a picture because I have decided to do this little project and she was instantly on board.

I'm afraid I can't really give out the details of my outfits because most of the stuff is bought from the streets. I request you to simply enjoy the combinations and the colours!

Day 2 // Tuesday

I did a little prep for Day 2 now that I knew I was going to do this and I'm sure you can see there is AT LEAST some degree of effort in this one. I'm wearing my favourite turtleneck with a sleeveless wrap dress as a blazer, both from H&M and a cap + a pair of colourful tights to make things more fun.

Day 3 // Wednesday

Kept it simple with a monogram sweater with turtleneck.

Day 4 // Thursday

Since I had some time in hand this particular morning, I might have gone a little overboard with the layering. Can't say I didn't dig it!

Day 5 // Friday

Mixing strips with aztec for a print-on-print vibe. Had to be out all day at a work event which involved lots of running around and my outfit did not get in the way. Also carried the rust mom-made muffler for good luck!

So that was that! Follow me on Instagram for a regular dose of all things fashion, food and travel. Until next time. 

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