The week that was + my love for wearing dresses with jeans

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Oh wow, it's 3AM. Hello to all and a special one to those who have binge-watched Netflix, scrolled through all of their Insta, stalked cousins of friends and friends of cousins on Facebook and still haven't got any sign of sleep in their eyes. Fellow insomniac sends nocturnal love.

This week has been a bummer in a variety of ways. Professionally, I'm drained. Emotionally, even more so. You know that final surge of {very detailed} memories that hits you when you're JUST about to get over somebody? Like, it'll all come rushing back to you one last time before you're finally free of a person? I'm kinda stuck in that tussle where my mind knows it's time to let go but my heart's fighting back SIMPLY out of habit. So I kind of just sailed through the week with the help of cute outfits and even cuter Instagram captions directed at my own cuteness. I've observed that in bitchin' times like these, I often turn to fashion {and my blog, in general} for creative stimulation and maybe even a productive distraction.

So I called up my dear friend Ankit and hastily planned this shoot in the streets of Shahpur Jat: a quick one for which I didn't want to work too hard but also talk about something real but also not be preachy because I. AM. COOL. After giving it much-but-not-enough thought, I settled on addressing my newest obsession: wearing dresses over jeans. I know I'm late to this party {by like, two decades} but I am SO glad I arrived just in time for its revival.

I'll start my case with how dresses over jeans is not only an interesting but also a fabulously functional trend. You can wear dresses in winters when tights seem like too much of an effort. You can wear dresses to work and not feel cold when the centralised AC is in fact, trying to freeze you to death. And you can wear dresses when your legs aren't shaved and I KNOW SHAVING IS ONLY A SOCIAL CONSTRUCT but Mahima the budding feminist says sorry, she's not there yet. Lastly, I would like to close the argument by saying that dresses in general, are a lot more fun when you're not worried about sitting with your legs closed.

Convinced? Good. Now there's only a couple of things that I keep in mind while doing this. A) Is the jeans adding unnecessary bulkiness to my outfit {which I often  have to tackle with a belt at the waist} or B) Is the jeans showing too much that my dress is now looking like a tunic or is it showing too less and is hence, insignificant. The best and the safest ones, IMHO, are light, floaty midi dresses. If it's a button-down, even better because then you get to open the buttons from waist-down and add extra flare to your dress! I've also seen that while a pair of mules or brogues might not work with a certain dress, you can easily pull them off when a pair of jeans is involved.

I'm still sort of wrapping my head around all the ways I can do this with my existing wardrobe and the two pairs of jeans that are left in it but I'm having a lot of fun. This particular post has me strutting around the strees of Delhi in a flared pair of denims from Ajio, a dress I picked up in Sri Lanka, HM sleeveless shirt, straw bag from Dilli Haat and Street Style Store brogues. Hope this post inspired you to try wearing dresses with your jeans too!

Until next time. xx

Photography by Ankit Mathur with creative inputs by his lovely wife Shubhangi

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