How to rock statement earrings!

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Hi guys,

Working from home today due a bitching cold I caught in the Mumbai rains and finally found some time to update the blog. Today, we're talking about statement earrings: why you should invest in a pair ASAP and a few basic things to keep in mind while wearing them.

Now, like I always say, there are really no rules, I am only leaving a few doable outfit tricks that will hopefully let the earrings shine.

1. Keep the outfit basic. 

If your earrings need to do the talking, the rest of your outfit needs to shut up. As simple as that.

2. Don't mix too many colours.

Sticking to single or neutral tones is a great way to ensure that there aren't too many focus points in the outfit.

3. Leave your neck bare.

Whether it's a high neck or a revealing low cut, a bare neck works as the best backdrop for statement earrings.

4. Match your bag/belt/shoes with the earrings,

It could be a similar colour palette or the same kind of vibe, but having at least one other accessory in sync with your statement earrings can really make the whole outfit come together.

5. Minimal hairstyles work best.

A slick middle part or a high pony are my go-to hairstyles when I am doing statement earrings.

That's it! Hope these little tips come in handy. Statement earrings are an amazing way to make it look like you've made an actual effort while dressing. They work like cute perk-me-ups which instantly make any outfit brighter and better. And investing in an elaborate pair doesn't always mean a dent in your wallet. There's ample budget-friendly brands available online and in street markets such as Janpth and Paharganj. In case you're looking for something specific, I'm just a DM away!

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Outfit Details

Earrings: Nakhrewaali
Shirt: Sarojini (find similar here)
Trousers: BEGA, Singapore (find similar here)
Shoes: Ajio (find similar here)
Clutch: Janpath (find similar here)

Photographs clicked at India Habitat Centre by my BFF Bhawna Sati

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