Yeti The Himalayan Kitchen comes to Connaught Place!

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Lovers of Tibetan food, rejoice!  We have another spot in the city to stuff ourselves with fluffy tingmo, drown in soul-satisfying datchi and sip on some heart-warming thukpa. The regional food scene in Delhi is thriving and how, with new home deliveries, takeaways and private table concepts cropping up every day, along with swanky new dine-in outlets of popular chains. Yeti, if I remember correctly, was one of the first ones to do Himalayan cuisine on a restaurant scale and did it SO WELL. They've come a long way from their cozy joint in Hauz Khas to opening multiple ones in Delhi and Mumbai, including an all-new outlet in Connaught Place, right in the middle of all the action.

Located on the second floor of The Colonnade {a refurbished British building in Block B of CP with multiple food outlets and a beautiful courtyard}, Yeti- The Himalayan Kitchen gives off an extremely homely vibe. I started things off with a Wai Wai Sadeko and Yeti Lemon cooler on the recommendation of my server and wasn't disappointed. 'Sadeko' in Nepali cuisine simply means marinated with oil and spices. The Wai Wai version at Yeti came with a tangy-spicy marination, fresh raw vegetables, finished with some lemon and coriander. A light, crisp yet satisfying starter. 


I moved on to a Veg Thenthuk, ie, a vegetable soup featuring big bits of hand-pulled wheat noodles. Non-vegetarians can also enjoy a meat version of the same. It had a very mild flavouring but was quite spicy and came with a combination of all my favourite vegetables. The Vegetable Kothey {meaning pan-fried} momos were generously stuffed but were too juicy for my liking. Although, the skin was thin, transluscent and perfectly partially crisp. Next came the Mushroom Datchi {also available in meat variant} and Tingmo, along with some Crispy Spinach on the side. This is undoubtedly one of my favourite food combinations that I can eat any time! Their datchi {a kind of Bhutanese cheesy curry} is one of the best in the city with just the right consisitency and balance of spices. I ended things with Nutella momos{just for kicks} which were interesting but quite missable in my opinion. 

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