Two easy but chic ways to style a scarf!

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Greetings to everyone, especially those who understand the power of this underrated accessory: THE SCARF. I can't really remember exactly when I fell in love with the idea but it must have been one of those times when I'd be struggling with bad-hair-day on an important-event-day and a scarf then came to my rescue and I almost didn't hate how I looked. 

We can all agree though, the very fun of wearing scarves lies in their versatility: the infinite possibilities of creating a different outfit mood with the same little piece of fabric. And then there's also the pop of colour. A scarf can be an instant brightener to the dullest of outfits and give casual outfits an understated yet noticeable edge. In this post, I'm showing you two of my favourite ways of wearing a regular silk handkerchief scarf. The pictures were taken on a beautiful rainy day in Mumbai around the Fort area by my friend Sanya, who is also the owner of this pretty cat-print scarf. Enjoy!

Style #1. As a headband

One of the most common ways, wearing your scarf as a headband takes the cute quotient of your outfit several notches high. I love to do this with my dresses and beach outfits. Lighter, flowy fabrics like crepe, silk and georgette work best for this! A neat trick to make sure that the band stays in place instead of sliding back every few minutes is to secure the fabric with a tic-tac or bobby pin at the nape of your neck. You can leave your hair open, tie a bun or a simple loose pony works too. 

Style #2. As a belt

Add a printed element to a solid outfit by using your scarf around your waist. It could be to cinch a dress around your waistline {hence giving your outfit more shape and structure} or within the belt loops of your skirts and trousers! You can try out different prints with the same outfit to give it an element of newness, each time you wear it. Less bulky, small sized scarfs work best for this. You can even try the ones with a little bit of embellishments around the edges and corners. Just remember to fold your scarf diagonally to maximise the length of the square so that it fits around your waist comfortably!

And that's all, folks. Hope you enjoyed the two styles and also a little bit of Bombay that you can see in the pictures. 

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