Photo series: A walk through Bandra's historical lanes

By 01:00 Friday 7 February 2020 , ,

While most of us associate Bandra with plush, modern suburbs full of fancy eateries and pubs, there's a beautiful historic side to it that is often overlooked. Being home to a variety of communities since centuries, you'll see a bit of Portuguese, Parsi and British influence in its age old homes that have stood the test of time. One of the more popular villages, Ranwar is now a thriving hub for culturally-relevant street art thanks to B.A.P, the Bollywood Art project. Sharing some of my favourite shots from an afternoon of house-hopping and graffiti hunting in the heritage villages of Bandra!

Hope you liked this little window into old Bandra and visit these charming villages on your next visit to Bombay. 

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