Fontainhas: A window into Goa's colourful past

By 13:20 Wednesday 8 July 2020 , ,

What can I say about Goa that hasn't been said already? The beaches are tranquil even when they are crowded, the streets are simply magic. The air feels lighter, your worries seem pettier. The place simply spoils you and in all the good ways, you come back home wanting more from life. This particular post is basically a memory jog around a beautiful afternoon of photographing Goa's Latin quarters in Panjim. I spent only a couple of hours here but the architecture just spoke to me. Every second house seemed like a house I'd want to live in, surrounded by charming restaurants and art shops. Since it was a weekend, I also bumped into photography enthusiasts and student groups on photo walks who were surprisingly open to brief conversations. 

Joining me in this small-but-fulfilling adventure were my two friends, a polaroid camera, a pair of flipflops and my only hat:

The oldest mansions and churches go back to the 1800s. The area is a UNESCO World Heritage Zone since 1984 and has been beautifully preserved since. Even though Fontainhas is slightly away from the beaches, it is an ideal place to book your hotel if you want to enjoy the quieter, more artsy side of Goa.

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