Inspiration: Styling your dad's clothes

By 08:37 Wednesday 20 January 2016 ,

If there's one thing in life it's safe to take risk with, it's fashion. I love how roomy men's clothing is and how they fall on our frame! The woolens especially, are way cozier than women sweaters could ever be! I am forever guilty of stealing clothes from the men in my house for three reasons:

-I get bored of my own clothes too easily

-They are challenging to style

-It feels like I got new clothes without spending a penny!.

I recently got hold of one of my father's very old sweaters that he picked up from Nainital and an almost velvety Khakhi shirt that's been with him for more than 20 years! These gorgeous pieces, I thought, have been neglected for too long and it was time I revive them. So I fooled around with the shirt and the sweater for quite a bit and decided on these two looks to put up on the blog!

Outfit #1.

I had my heart set on rust-red sweater ever since I found it because of the feel, the colours and the detailing/zips around the pockets. To make it appear baggier than it really is, I chose to fold the sleeves and wear it with translucent tights. I always try and add a prominent feminine element whenever I wear something off the men's rack- stilettos with boyfriend jeans, fragile necklaces with muscle tees and of course,  statement necklaces with the shirts. I chose my most fabulous Sarojini find till date, the tribal silver necklace that contrasted well against the sweater. These badass boots are a gift from a friend from Agra and I ALMOST kissed her as a token of gratitude. Also, box clutches will forever be fabulous and top buns, fail-proof!

Outfit #2.

The Khaki green semi-kurti-shirt is the quintessential 90s silhouette with back pleats and jumbo pockets. The fabric is magical- I don't think they make it anymore. I tied my brown muffler in an infinity scarf, braided the most untidy side plait and put on my darkest brown lipstick. These earrings are the reason I keep going to Paharganj {got em for 80 bucks on a lucky day}. The mini sling from Lavie adds a dash of fun to almost any outfit and the gigantic tan oxfords, a bit a of sophistication. This can actually be done with any men's shirt { the more fluid the fabric, the better}.

I won't lie guys- I am a leeetle proud of how I've recycled the otherwise wasted items in my father's wardrobe and I  shall continue to do so. Stay updated about my fashion stories on Instagram here. <3


In case you're wondering about the pretty background, the pictures are shot at  the newly opened Unplugged Courtyard in CP. You can read more about it here!


This post wouldn't have been possible without the excellent photography skills and creative contributions of Ankit Mathur. Find him here.

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  1. Oh My God.. this is soo impressive babe. You look fab. I love you :*