Problems and Promises {ft. Naomi Code}

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I am leading a life I was always scared of leading. It’s a scary thought-being connected to thousands of faceless people at any given moment while being oblivious to the presence of the real ones. I could say that my job demands it, I could say that I really enjoy this ‘technology’ thing. But I most certainly don’t enjoy the displeasure on the faces of my parents when I am talking to them and texting simultaneously. Or that of my friends, who can barely keep themselves from slapping me when I don’t let them eat before I click. To top it all, I am beginning to choose memes over people at social gatherings (and otherwise)- you’d find me holding a drink at all times in one hand, and tirelessly scrolling through Twitter with another. How much room does that leave for a friendly, conversation-starting hand shake? Not much. 

It takes me an hour and a half to get to work every morning. Initially, I thought “Wow, this is great- I could read all those books I always wanted to read, finish pending blog posts or listen to cool music on a daily basis”. And I did that- I did all that and even applauded my excellent time-management skills. But guess how long did that last for? Not much. 

My job takes up my entire day and so, the internet takes up my entire day (I work as a Social Media Manager, FYI). But I won’t deny, I am guilty of letting it take all that’s left of my day, too. So I am just indulging in a little introspection through this post. I didn’t shoot ‘for’ this. I was walking through Connaught Place on a sunny winter afternoon with Ankit (who also took all the pictures you’ll see in the post) and all this while, I kept on asking myself, “Why don’t I do this more often?”. An automatic mental reply to which was the one that’s been said too often-“I don’t have the time”. But I have realised that I DO have the time- I am just not investing it carefully.

On a different note, I was looking quite fabulous that day. Twirling around the city in a snuggly cape-trench-coat from Naomi Code, while I questioned my sanity. You might have seen another post (see here) featuring the same name a while back. This one here however, is a star-seller and now I know why. What makes this piece different from all the other coats I own is the slit-sleeves. The colour is a warm, sunny beige that goes with all my winter tights, boots and mufflers. Total win! You can shop it here right now and avail the clearance discount on

Coming back to solving the problem at hand-I don’t believe in new-year resolutions, but it’s the first blog post of the year and I could do with making a few promises to myself. I need to make a conscious effort to switch off COMPLETELY once in a while, observe real people, make real conversations and stop looking at things through Instagram-tinted glasses. But what can I say about my history of keeping up with promises? Not much. 

Outfit details:
Coat // Naomi Code,
Tights // H&M,
Boots // Esprit,
Mini satchel // Lavie

Photographs: Ankit Mathur

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