Nool, part two

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June has been bittersweet. I thought I could finally realise my lifelong dream of sunbathing on foreign beaches, and then a week later, wake up to the view of the Swiss Alps. But it just isn't my time {yet}. Just like that, two very dream-like travel plans got shunned for stupid reasons and I thought I owed myself a week of nothingness and back to back naps. But I'm over it now and finding some respite in creating content for the blog and keeping my Instagram pretty. 

These pictures had been shot along with the last post about Nool, a socially conscious brand based out of Tamil Nadu, which strives to protect art of handloom weaving and support a group of weavers in Chennimalai. Head to the last post to find out more about the brand or visit

You will find product details at the end of the post. 

Featured here: Red Skirt
Material: Handwoven cotton
Price: INR 1,900     |      Buy here

All images have been shot by my lovely friend Ankit Mathur. Check out more of his work here

Location courtesy Too Indian, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi.

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