Feb 1~the blog's first birthday + Giveaway ❤️

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I stuck by it, I don't stick by anything! I kept it going for a year and never even once did I feel that I am doing it for the heck of it. I have put my heart, my time and my energies into Sequins And Sangria and I am fairly happy with how it all has translated. I published the very first post on this day a year ago. A year ago, Sequins And Sangria was nothing more than a college project for my Journalism degree. A year later, it is a product and a reflection of all that I learnt and all that I know about writing and photography. I am an amateur, I agree- but quite an enthusiastic one. And that will do for now. 

When I had initially started blogging, I never expected anyone to open the link and actually read what I have to say. And surprisingly, it never bothered me. My blog was more for myself, as a way of collating my experiences {it still is} but the visits grew steadily and now I have more friends and well wishers than I can count. I can't thank all my readers and fellow bloggers who have constantly been a guiding light. If I could, I would fill this entire post with shiny hearts and roses- cuz that's how much it means to me!

I had already given you glimpse of my blogging journey in the New Year blogpost. So, now that we're done with looking back, it is only makes sense to focus on what's to come. I have a very strong feeling {I am quite big on intuitions} that 2016 is going to be GRAND. Here's what all I have in mind!

Write about Fashion more often

The focus has been on food for too long! I want to see how crazy I can be when it comes to fashion. Also, I come across a lot of fabulous brands that I want you guys to know about. So that will happen on a regular basis now!

Talk about the most ridiculously random things

Right? We could use a little heart to heart from time to time. So what if it's all going to be about the most retarded, unimportant things.

Be selective in the restaurants/food I write about

I might not be able to cover every single launch, I might publish lesser food reviews- but gaiz, believe me if I don't, I might die of cholesterol or something. Also, I want the restaurants to be worthy of being talked about rather than the fact that they are NEW. Also, I want to write about more than just restaurants in the food section. Wait for it!

Blow up all my savings on travelling

I am very serious about this. I'll share my travel wishlist for the year soon.

Give back as much as I can

I want to be more regular in holding giveaways but I don't want them to be the only reason people follow the blog! So, I'll find a balance but expect more giveaways for sure. 

Talk to you guys more often

..through social channels, polls and maybe even small meetups! I'll keep you posted.

Start with a monthly newsletter

..so you don't miss out on anything awesome everrr.

So that's that, people! Most importantly, I hope I can reach new people and keep the old ones coming back, this year too! Have an awesome 2016  ❤️

Photographs: Ankit Mathur

P.S. you can participate in the Instagram giveaway before midnight! xoxo

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